Introducing our national culture.

Traditions and customs of Armenian wedding.Choosing the bride. Part 1.

Hundreds of years, no matter what happened on this earth, Armenian people preserved the customs and traditional behavior at the great crowded event – wedding. All the close and distant relatives, friends of relatives, close friends and simply unfamiliar people are invited to the celebration.
There is nothing prettier, more hospitable and more fun than Armenian weddings.
Let's try to make a closer look at the traditions, originating in the distant past. Over time, many traditions and phases were changed or removed at all. You should know, that for centuries people always chose the bride. Moreover, the choice of the bride was placed on the shoulders of a woman - the mother of the groom. She had to assess her future daughter-in-law on criterias such as health, femininity, the ability to run a household, diligence. Appearance wasn’t so important. At the same time, they carefully observed the character of the girl's parents, especially the mother. no wonder they say: "Marrying the girl, look at her mother."
After the groom's mother made the choice she had to consult with her husband and with her brother and relatives. After the agreement and notification of the bride’s side,  before the engagement both parties communicated with the help of so-called intermediaries (khnamakhos).